Design of filling plants

At the customer's request, we build complete bottling plants for filling beer, wine, sparkling wine, juices, soft drinks, mineral water, and other CO²-containing and still drinks. The filling technology is designed for bottling beverages in glass bottles, PET bottles (PET and glass containers) as well as in cans and is produced individually for every customer.

The fillers are designed for hot and cold filling, all parts are made of stainless steel, combined with hygienic plastic elements. The filling valves are mechanically controlled and very low maintenance. If desired, the customer can participate in these tests.

The size of the unit can be changed very quickly from one bottle to the other. The protective glazing consists of (ESG) single-pane safety glass. A touch-screen display with visual menu guidance makes the systems very easy to operate. A modem connection can optionally be installed for remote maintenance. All elements of the system are installed and tested on site to test their functionality.